Monday, August 29, 2011

Class Rules PBL

 The students were asked to solve the following problem through the method of "Problem Based Learning;"

You are a teacher, and the new teacher across the hall is having difficulty teaching and maintaining order in her classroom.  The children are noisy and frequently getting hurt.  She comes to you for advice.  How can you help her?
This was a great way to get the students to begin thinking and expressing their ideas about how a classroom should be managed and rules that should be followed without me "telling" them what to do.  Upon finishing this PBL we then created our class rules.
1- Listen and Follow Directions
2- Respect People and Their Property
3- Be a Responsible Student

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  1. I am so proud of you second graders! You not only came up with great ideas, but also kept it simple and easy to remember - exactly what we all need. Your hard work made you sucessful! You worked at this until you got it just right and that is what smart people do! Keep working hard at each little thing you do and you will be the best and smartest second graders becasue you worked hard! -